Development for my portfolio has been slow, bugs and ongoing issues aren’t currently being resolved due to ongoing projects requiring my time.

Urgent issues that I’m working on fixing

  • Images on mobile are half off the screen
  • Contact Page – Needs Re-Styling?
  • 404 Page – Needs Content, Image?
  • If category doesn’t have a post, it doesn’t display info and shows random posts.
  • Post’s Page need modifying & improving -> INcluding “Other Posts” at bottom.
  • Sharing categories should have PAGE HEADER IMAGE as OG:Image not a random post thumbnail
  • Maybe change Homepage Featured, to Featured rather than recent.


  • Make sure all images are the same size when uploaded, 1920×1080?
  • Images can be compressed
  • Images can be made smaller – About Image Icons & Post Images
  • Optimize images without using CSS. – About Image Icons
  • Allow caching of CSS & JS (Enqueue Issues) – Allow caching of pages
  • Check SEO, Add Like Button, & Check Social Media